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Charitable, Cultural and Social Organization

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

Winston Churchill

Who Is Shabebik?


“Shabebik” association is a charitable, cultural and social organization, which was established in December of the year 2018 in Beirut under the knowledge of and report to 1006 which is of a non-profit public benefit.


“Shabebik” association is headed by Mrs. Faten Zein, who decided to devote herself to this humanitarian work and service the Lebanese society by all obtainable means, Faten Zein was the director of a department in the private sector. She decided after witnessing the suffering around her, to take a long vacation from work and dedicate her time into helping poor families and those in need to secure shelter, food, medicine, clothes and other supplies to cover all their needs.

Mrs. Faten Zein says: The idea of establishing “Shabebik” association was born shortly after the parliamentary elections were held in May 2018, and my nomination for the Sunni seat in Beirut’s second constituency, afterwards I founded the association with a number of young men and women, among the finest of society’s youth, and the slogan raised was: “Behind every closed door, there are windows opening “.

Our goals

Shabebik association aims to contribute towards









Since its inception, it has worked in terms of social rotation and has sought to achieve its goals through serving the Lebanese society to improve the standard of living on various social, service, and cultural levels. As Shabebik’s female volunteers also worked to support the association’s activities to become what it is this day, an association which includes several departments: the health section, the social section, the women’s empowerment center, the department of educational and health awareness programs, and the section of financing activities.  These sections are funded by voluntary contributions provided by many individuals.


Believing in the need to build a better tomorrow for our society, “Shabebik” started its career in 2018 in the city of Beirut through implementing multiple activities


Health Section

“Shabebik” Association provides its services and assistance to people in order to create a life for them which they can live in with pride and dignity and in order to enjoy the healthcare they need and achieve their goals.


Social Section

Work has been done to secure about 2000 rations of food supplies, most of them are for those that were damaged by the mobile fires that struck Lebanon in September 2019, in addition to the families affected by the explosion that happened at the port of Beirut in August 2020, and people who lost their jobs due to the economic situation and the increase of the dollar’s value.


Women's Empowerment Department

A home and home made goods project was launched, in cooperation with 75 women (widows, elderly women with no breadwinners) from various Lebanese regions, who benefited from the sale of their products at encouraging prices.


Department of Educational and
Cultural Programs

“Shabebik” has maintained the introduction of new programs that depend on perseverance and solidarity spirit shown by its members, employees and volunteers, in addition to the organization of educational seminars, and educational and artistic lectures.

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Ras Al Nabaa, Abdallah Yafi Street, Arbadjein Bldg, Facing Atlantis Fitness Club, Ground Floor



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Charitable, Cultural

and Social Organization

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