The Social Section

Work has been done to secure about 2000 rations of food supplies, most of them are for those that were damaged by the mobile fires that struck Lebanon in September 2019, in addition to the families affected by the explosion that happened at the port of Beirut in August 2020, and people who lost their jobs due to the economic situation and the increase of the dollar’s value.

During the period of the public uprising and the revolution of October 17, 2019, rations of food supplies, in-kind aid, and cold and hot food have been secured for many families in need that do not have a breadwinner, and which their numbers increased due to collective employees’ discharge cases  implemented by employers in the private sector.

In the holy month of Ramadan every year, 880 food rations are distributed to indigent in various Lebanese regions.


Department of Educational and Cultural Programs

“Shabebik” has maintained the introduction of new programs that depend on perseverance and solidarity spirit shown by its members, employees and volunteers, in addition to the organization of educational seminars, and educational and artistic lectures.

And now in 2020, after almost 3 years of hard work, “Shabebik” Association has expanded its scope in activities and projects to include programs in social affairs, development, training and healthcare services. With such hard work and perseverance.

And after some time, especially “after the loud explosion that rocked the capital Beirut, a larger number of people joined “Shabebik ” association and its business volume doubled and the journey began to grow and develop by providing aid, assistance, and support to the needy.

Health Section

“Shabebik” Association provides its services and assistance to people in order to create a life for them which they can live in with pride and dignity and in order to enjoy the healthcare they need and achieve their goals.

And in a bold initiative in the health sector, “Shabebik” Association in Beirut contracted with the Arab Insurance Company and the Capital Insurance Company to provide a health insurance card that addresses families who are exclusively unable to guarantee treatment to pay hospital costs.  This health card is for a nearly-free price with comprehensive coverage, with a financial limit of 20,000$ to enter the hospital in normal conditions, to the emergency department, and  500$ for lab tests and x-rays, and the cost of the card is 170 dollars per person, equivalent to two hundred and fifty eight thousand pounds a year.

The aim of the health insurance card project is to free the Lebanese citizen from a dependency that connects him or her to a leader through his or her need for the leader to secure his or her protection in this regard, and breaking the concept of subordination through taking advantage of the citizens’ weaknesses and their inability to manage their affairs in a country that deprives them of their right to free

medical care. We thought about how to provide the Lebanese citizen with a card that would insure his or her health protection without even having to pay or to succumb to anyone for health protection , the costs of hospitalization are covered in 130 hospitals all over Lebanon , for only 10 dollars a month, or approximately twenty thousand pounds only. There are two types of cards, a card that covers the warranty difference which is 10%, and another card that covers 100% of hospital expenses for citizens who are not at all insured. This means that the card covers all that the citizen needs for hospitalization, and it is totally not different from other insurance cards that are prohibitively expensive for the poor classes. Therefore, more than 900 pharmaceutical services were provided, in addition to awareness campaigns for the Coronavirus and the distribution of personal protection tools to more than a thousand people.